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Grand Tour Revival Egyptian spoon C1900




I love a bit of history... this unusual gilded silver and enamel spoon was a souvenir from someone's Grand Tour around the turn of the 19th Century. This traditional trip of Neoclassical Europe was taken as a coming of age (21years) rite of passage. Roaming Europe these lucky creatures took in the cultural landscape, commissioned painting, perfected language skills and socialised before returning home to settle down...

Only a few adventurous ones made it as far as Egypt and this cute spoon was the keepsake for one such intrepid traveller.

The gilded silver and enamel end of the spoon lifts to reveal a hidden gilded and enamel embalmed mummie... the enamelled scene on the bowl of the spoon is Luxor.

Egyptian silver stamped 800

12.5cm long