‘The Rapid’ Patented Mechanical Cocktail Mixer 1933

‘The Rapid’ Patented Mechanical Cocktail Mixer 1933

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H: 24cm (9.4")Di: 10cm (3.9")


A splendid Mechanical cocktail mixing jug called The Rapid, patented in 1933 by one William Mair Rolph. A cut glass jug with patinated silver plated lid and mixing spoon. Fill the glass jug with liquid and ice, assemble the lid and press down repeatedly on the plunger to create easy cocktails!

Such an unusual backstory to this ‘inventor’ who was actually a desk clerk at MI5 during WW1. He was recruited again in WW2 to pretend to be a German Agent, but he was detected trying to sell them real information. Sadly he gassed himself before he could be questioned. Such a tangled story, found on the fabulously named and equally interesting Blog The Institute for Alcoholic Experimentation.