Bauhaus silver plated cocktail shaker

Bauhaus silver plated cocktail shaker

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H: 25cm (9.8")Di: 9.1cm (3.6")

£275.00 Approx $353.93, €302.2, £275

This stunning Bauhaus (Circa 1920s) design silver plated cocktail shaker is of daring modernist design, being so plain, elegant and of almost space age form. 

The shaker is large, 25cm tall and is an excellent piece of wonderful quality, showing signs of age commensurate with age and purpose.

The Bauhaus (German: "building house"), was a German art school operational from 1919 to 1933 that combined crafts and the fine arts. The school became famous for its approach to design, which attempted to unify the principles of mass production with individual artistic vision and strove to combine aesthetics with everyday function.