A chic Jean Luce Art Deco French Glass Centrepiece Tray

A chic Jean Luce Art Deco French Glass Centrepiece Tray

Code: 11665


W: 40.7cm (16")H: 2.8cm (1.1")D: 25.7cm (10.1")


A superb French Art Deco glass centrepiece tray designed by Jean Luce, Circa 1930s. This beautifully sculptural piece is made of mirrored glass which has been hollowed out by hand and sandblasted in the central oval. Still retaining the original green baize base cloth. This stunning slab of glass would look as beautiful on a dressing table as when used as a table centrepiece.

Jean Luce (1895 – 1964) was a French ceramicist and glassware designer, born in Paris. Luce worked in his father’s ceramics shop, which made table crockery. In 1923, he opened a shop although he would not take over it’s direction until 1931. From 1931 onwards, specialising in ceramics and glass for the table, Luce’s designs concentrated on shape and decoration. His motifs were linear and naturalistically styled in the Art Moderne manner. His early work was in clear enamelled decoration but from c1924 he starting using sandblasting, as seen in this example. In 1935, he designed porcelain and glass for the ocean liner Normandie along side Luc Lanelle who was designing the barware. In the early 1930s, he designed glassware produced by Cristal de Saint-Louis and, in the late 1950s, stainless-steel flatware for Sola France.