Set of 8 Art & Crafts golden oak dining chairs

Set of 8 Art & Crafts golden oak dining chairs

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W: 46cm (18.1")H: 113cm (44.5")D: 46cm (18.1")

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Set of eight golden oak Arts & Crafts dining chairs by Hampton & Sons. Circa 1900.

This is a lovely set of chairs, with particularly striking and elegant backs which are slim and tall with three vertical splats of curvaceous form. These have heart-shaped motifs to each top corner. 

Retaining their original damask drop-in seats. Elegantly splayed back legs, and subtly tapering front legs which termiante in cubed feet.

Hampton & Sons were based on Pall Mall and Cockspur Street, London, between 1830 and 1957.

The company were prolific cabinet-makers, retailers and antique dealers. They were highly successful, managing to recover from a devastating fire in 1890. 

Hampton & Sons specialised in institutional and shipboard furniture. In 1952 they were given the privelege of furnishing and decorating the new royal yacht, Brittania. 

This is a stunning set, which would not look at all out of place in a contemporary interior. These chairs demonstrate the usability as well as aesthetic appeal of the Arts & Crafts movement.