Fine Quality Crown Etched Crystal Tumblers By Thomas Webb

Fine Quality Crown Etched Crystal Tumblers By Thomas Webb

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H: 9.7cm (3.8")Di: 5.8cm (2.3")

£115.00 For 5 Approx $145.57, €134.35, £115
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A set of five finest quality English cut crystal tumblers by Thomas Webb, Circa 1920s.  These gorgeous glasses have been etched with a Royal crown, perhaps as part of a commission to celebrate the Coronation of the a new King.  Excellent quality crystal beautifully handcrafted, applied handle and star cut base and pretty scalloped rim. Originally used as Whiskey tumblers, they are neat enough to be held in the hand, thus warming the amber Whiskey.

In the original Wellington pattern, The Wellington design was first introduced in 1894 and was given the pattern number B170. Named after Arthur Wellesley, The Duke Of Wellington who made an historic contribution serving his Sovereign land with equal effect as a soldier, Statesman and Prime Minister. The Wellington pattern exemplifies the romantic splendour of the Victorian period.