Interestingly Engraved Large Silver Plated Serving Tray 1916

Interestingly Engraved Large Silver Plated Serving Tray 1916

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W: 72cm (28.3")H: 3.8cm (1.5")D: 46cm (18.1")

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Every antique tells a story… and none more so than this beautiful extra large early 20th Century silver plated serving tray with rope twisted border and makers hallmark for James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield. Beautifully hand engraved across the centre: “Presented to Miss Imogen Royse Addams-Williams by the Parishioners of Llangibby and Coen y Paen on the occasion of her marriage to Mr Reginald Tangye June 1st 1916”.

It’s important to remember that beautiful pieces from the past were bought, used and sold by real people, with interesting histories, which make today’s use so much richer and more purposeful. We don't need to know Miss Addams-Williams to share in her wedding happiness but we can smile at the thought of past and future happy occasions when we use this tray, and other antique serveware, well into the future.