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Venetian Murano silver overlaid glass cocktail set

£295.00 For set Approx $405.78, €345.43, £295

Code: 11159

A decorative Italian glass cocktail set, Circa 1950s.  This colourful Harlequin service comprises six cocktail glass tumblers, an ice bucket and a cocktail shaker, each decorated with silver overlay of gondolas and flowers. Originating from Venice and dating to the middle of the twentieth century,  the glasses and ice bucket are in excellent condition. The cocktail shaker is more for decorative purposes as display-ware since the lid is too loose for use.

Cocktail tumblers 11cm high, 5.3cm diameter
Ice bucket 8.5cm high, 12.1cm diameter
Cocktail shaker 24cm high, 9cm diameter