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William Hutton silver plated shell & coral H’ors d’Oeuvres dish


Code: 11163


W: 30cm (11.8")H: 14cm (5.5")D: 26cm (10.2")

A charming silver plated triple Clam shell H’ors d’Oeuvres serving dish with Coral and Starfish handle upon three Conch shell feel by William Hutton & Son, Circa 1900.

William Hutton & Sons – were renowned English silversmiths founded in 1800. They also became early silver-platers having licensed the electroplating technique from Elkington, another good English silver company. This gave them much early success and recognition in this area.

A family business, they continued through the 19th Century,  opening a London showroom in Holborn in 1863 which then moved to Farringdon Road in 1891, operating until 1918. The company was recognised for the fine quality of their Arts & Crafts silverware items at the turn of the 19th/20th century, of which this serving dish is a good example.